BDC Finance

Bridging Finance Information

Loan to Value (LTV)                                  <60%   rate 1.1%

                                                                         <70%   rate 1.2%

                                                                         <80%   rate 1.35%


FREE survey and legals for a limited time only (conditions apply) **

Loan to value to 80% on 1st charge lending.

Will lend up to 100% of purchase price on below market value (BMV) purchase

Poor credit not an issue unless refinance is required.

Lender does not credit score, CCJ’s, defaults and arrears are ignored if property exit is sale

No proof of income required

Decision normally within a few hours.

Fast turnarounds – funds can be released within a few days

No entry or exit fees

No Broker fee

2% arrangement fee added to the loan

Freehold and leasehold properties accepted

Loans from £50k to 2M (Loans over £2M may be considered on a case by case basis)

Can lend on properties anywhere in England and Wales

No commercial but will do semi commercial.

Property cannot be lived in by applicant or family.

Min. term is 4 months max. is 12 months but for example if you redeem in month 6 of a 12 month deal the lender will refund the 6 months unused interest back to you.

On every case an AIP enquiry form needs to be completed and a latest copy of credit file is required

** For a limited time only we are offering our clients reimbursement of their survey and legal costs.  We will reimburse up to £1,500.00 for your survey costs for loans above £200,000.00 and for loans above £500,000.00 we will also reimburse your legal fees of up to £2,000.00 within 10 business days after completion.

Contact:         Mamun Miah

Mobile:            07720 718975